Review: Skyeater Rewake

The novel contains pieces of a superhero story - just a story. Meet Cole: fitness nut from LA who gets into a car crash after doping out on a massive overdose of pills and, to his utter surprise, doesn't die. At first it's rather an unwelcome revelation for our 'hero'. Not only does Cole wake … Continue reading Review: Skyeater Rewake

Krampus: The Yule Lord

“Man has only himself to fear now…he has become his own worst devil.” The first thing that wakes you up isn’t the impregnable darkness or the eerie silence hanging thick in your room. It’s rather something simple, albeit the mixture of two elements; you’re cold and something is watching you. In your sleep-induced mind you’re … Continue reading Krampus: The Yule Lord

Move over Lara, Vin’s here.

Mix crazy parkour stunts with magic and you get Brandon Sanderson's "Mistborn" trilogy. It began with a little girl being abused by her older brother, scurrying like rats from alleyway to alleyway in search of meager scraps of food, to constantly cowering in fear whilst in the presence of a scheming gang lord, to eventually … Continue reading Move over Lara, Vin’s here.

Short stories for short lives

I’m absolutely nuts about superheroes and when I stumbled upon Lou Anders’ Masked anthology of short stories about these super-powered beings, I just couldn't resist slogging through it as slow as possible while savoring every fight scene.       With each story bringing a refreshing new perspective on what it’s like to be considered … Continue reading Short stories for short lives

Broken Monsters bring Broken Ideas

Lauren Beukes is my favorite Dan Brown - and they have nothing in common.   Upon reviewing Broken Monsters, I have to admit that this is one of the few fiction books I've read and finished with a satisfied smile. Usually I avoid the subject because fiction books have such a common plot – detective … Continue reading Broken Monsters bring Broken Ideas

Space, You Cold Bastard

Its Bear Grylls meets Mythbusters in this finger-biting, breath-heaving, and nerve-wracking modern day space thriller. Mark Whatney is stuck on Mars, the average temperature barely rises above -150˚C, and he’s got nothing but his wits and disco to help him survive. Its hell in space and the suspense is a killer – or that could … Continue reading Space, You Cold Bastard

Who Knew Ink Would Be Our Saviour?

In a world where demons rule the night, reigning supreme only to scurry or burn away at the rising sun, humans cower, weak and frightened, behind peeling wards. In these wards hum the subtle reminders of the old world when a man known as the Deliverer destroyed whole legions of demons with a single swipe, … Continue reading Who Knew Ink Would Be Our Saviour?


“Guess you didn’t get eaten the way you wanted, eh?” ― Peter Clines, Ex-Heroes To those who like superheroes and AMC's The Walking Dead (and pretty much anything with zombies in it), then Peter Clines' "Ex-Heroes" is something that will be thoroughly enjoyed. A page-turner from the start, Clines gives life to his already unique, interesting, and oh-so-real … Continue reading Ex-Heroes

The King of Thorns has Arrived.

Four years after the events in Prince of Thorns, Mark Lawrence’s sinister anti-hero Honorous Jorg Ancrath returns with a whole host of new tricks up his sleeves – and his sleeves run deep. In King of Thorns – the second book of his Broken Empire trilogy – we experience new thrills and fears as Jorg tests his wits … Continue reading The King of Thorns has Arrived.