A Song of Sacrifice

Let me warm you up for Fox & Raven Publishing’s latest projects; A Song of Sacrifice and Betrayal’s Shadow – both written by South African author Dave-Brendon de Burgh. The first is a novelette and the second forms part of a trilogy. I have not yet had the opportunity to read the latter, fortunately Fox & Raven were generous … Continue reading A Song of Sacrifice


Shadows Linger

Recently, the SplatterGeist has been quite busy; I've been reading Mark Lawrence's Broken Empire Trilogy (currently busy with the final instalment; Emperor of Thorns), I have decided to re-read Peter V. Brett's blood-splattering Demon Cycle Trilogy, and lastly I've been skimming through a local (South African) author's debut novel. Basically I became a temporary hermit.  In this post … Continue reading Shadows Linger