An A.I. With Plenty of Heart

Einna is a lot like other teenage girls, naive, idealistic, secretive, disobedient and interested in boys. Only Einna is not human, she is an A.I. android. Her creator, her mother, is Manaka Yagami, the first female tech billionaire. Einna has a plan to make herself human, if she can keep Mother in the dark and … Continue reading An A.I. With Plenty of Heart


Laser Beams Are The Least of Your Worries

A gritty, Military SF page-turner sure to please fans of intrigue and space combat. Humanity has spent decades carefully establishing a quiet foothold in an uncaring galaxy brimming with hostile powers. That all unraveled six months ago when Captain Victoria Marin and her crew of Vultures stumbled into the center of a conflict between two … Continue reading Laser Beams Are The Least of Your Worries

Skyfarer: A Novel Epic

Find your light. Find your truth, Skyfarer.   An apprentice sorceress is dragged into a vicious quest across an endless sky in this Star Wars-inspired space fantasy.   The Axiom Diamond is a mythical relic, with the power to show its bearer any truth they desire. Men have sought for it across many continents for … Continue reading Skyfarer: A Novel Epic

Black Light Express

The shattering sequel to Railhead is here!   Zen and Nova have ridden a train from one world to another before. They come from the Network Empire, whose stations are scattered across half the galaxy. But this time it's different. They've passed through a gate which shouldn't exist at all. They did terrible things to … Continue reading Black Light Express

Urban Enemies

I really don't like anthologies, but with contributions from seventeen of the baddest cats in the contemporary urban fantasy business, I struggled to keep my jaws from salivating after reading some of the best shorts this year. As a reviewer, I take pride in being honest and unbiased in my reviews – there’s no excessive … Continue reading Urban Enemies

Time for a Four-Score Review!

Here's a treat for you geists: an epic 4-part feature on some interesting and new novels to read this holiday season. If you haven't yet delved into something jaw-dropping or filled with adventure, myth, and lore, then please help yourselves to any of these great reads! Set on the ragged edge of a postapocalyptic frontier, … Continue reading Time for a Four-Score Review!

The Stars Are Legion

Hurley is one of those rare writers who, once you’ve encountered a novel they’ve written, you immediately want to go out and read everything they’ve written. Somewhere on the outer rim of the universe, a mass of decaying world-ships known as the Legion is traveling in the seams between the stars. For generations, a war … Continue reading The Stars Are Legion

Harley Goes To Space

Imagine taking Harley Quinn and throwing her in space, add that her Harlequins are cybernetically busted up dormant prisoners, and add some political intrigue just to mentally piss her off. This is Miska, the protagonist. The bloodthirsty pixie obviously tries too hard to appear batshit crazy and not only does she have poor taste in men … Continue reading Harley Goes To Space

Remember the Bullets

Reynolds takes the same concept used in the movie Passengers and adds a little twist: when you’re done reading Slow Bullets you actually understood what went down and, just as an added bonus, walk away with a satisfied smile. Slow Bullets is a short novella that opens with the lights turned off and soldiers from … Continue reading Remember the Bullets