Writers of the Future

The Best New Science Fiction and Fantasy of the Year: 28 Award-Winning Authors and Illustrators Accompanied by Anne McCaffrey, Robert J. Sawyer, Larry Elmore, Todd McCaffrey, Bob Eggleton?? Find out what’s next. What if there was a single contest to determine the most talented new writers across the genres of Sci-fi and Fantasy? What if you could find … Continue reading Writers of the Future


Skyfarer: A Novel Epic

Find your light. Find your truth, Skyfarer.   An apprentice sorceress is dragged into a vicious quest across an endless sky in this Star Wars-inspired space fantasy.   The Axiom Diamond is a mythical relic, with the power to show its bearer any truth they desire. Men have sought for it across many continents for … Continue reading Skyfarer: A Novel Epic

A Pocketful of… No’s

“I am as brown as brown can be, And my eyes as black as sloe; I am as brisk as brisk can be, And wild as forest doe.” (The Child Ballads, 295) Written in three frenzied weeks following a visit to Skye, A POCKETFUL OF CROWS is a short novel, loosely inspired by the Child … Continue reading A Pocketful of… No’s

Milk Teeth

A riveting take on folklore as original as the infamous Brom himself. Prescott reinvigorates the classic folk tales known throughout the globe such as The Little Mermaid, Princess and the Frog, and even giving fresh concepts to characters like Hansel and Gretel - among others. A sorceress gets married and forgets her powers. A prince … Continue reading Milk Teeth

Urban Enemies

I really don't like anthologies, but with contributions from seventeen of the baddest cats in the contemporary urban fantasy business, I struggled to keep my jaws from salivating after reading some of the best shorts this year. As a reviewer, I take pride in being honest and unbiased in my reviews – there’s no excessive … Continue reading Urban Enemies

Time for a Four-Score Review!

Here's a treat for you geists: an epic 4-part feature on some interesting and new novels to read this holiday season. If you haven't yet delved into something jaw-dropping or filled with adventure, myth, and lore, then please help yourselves to any of these great reads! Set on the ragged edge of a postapocalyptic frontier, … Continue reading Time for a Four-Score Review!

Review: Skyeater Rewake

The novel contains pieces of a superhero story - just a story. Meet Cole: fitness nut from LA who gets into a car crash after doping out on a massive overdose of pills and, to his utter surprise, doesn't die. At first it's rather an unwelcome revelation for our 'hero'. Not only does Cole wake … Continue reading Review: Skyeater Rewake

Krampus: The Yule Lord

“Man has only himself to fear now…he has become his own worst devil.” The first thing that wakes you up isn’t the impregnable darkness or the eerie silence hanging thick in your room. It’s rather something simple, albeit the mixture of two elements; you’re cold and something is watching you. In your sleep-induced mind you’re … Continue reading Krampus: The Yule Lord

Move over Lara, Vin’s here.

Mix crazy parkour stunts with magic and you get Brandon Sanderson's "Mistborn" trilogy. It began with a little girl being abused by her older brother, scurrying like rats from alleyway to alleyway in search of meager scraps of food, to constantly cowering in fear whilst in the presence of a scheming gang lord, to eventually … Continue reading Move over Lara, Vin’s here.

Who Knew Ink Would Be Our Saviour?

In a world where demons rule the night, reigning supreme only to scurry or burn away at the rising sun, humans cower, weak and frightened, behind peeling wards. In these wards hum the subtle reminders of the old world when a man known as the Deliverer destroyed whole legions of demons with a single swipe, … Continue reading Who Knew Ink Would Be Our Saviour?