Writers of the Future

The Best New Science Fiction and Fantasy of the Year: 28 Award-Winning Authors and Illustrators Accompanied by Anne McCaffrey, Robert J. Sawyer, Larry Elmore, Todd McCaffrey, Bob Eggleton??
Find out what’s next.
What if
 there was a single contest to determine the most talented new writers across the genres of Sci-fi and Fantasy?

What if you could find all the award-winning stories—a variety of creative and fresh new ideas—all in one anthology?
What if you could turn the page, explore diverse new universes of possibility and see what is to come? 
Welcome to the world of the Writers of the Future.
Where what if—IS what’s here. ??

About the Stories:

• When Gwen’s husband is found murdered, she’s the only suspect. After all, they were the only two people on the moon. —Moonlight One?

• Flora’s father is a mech-soldier of the Slayer Class, but how much of him is really left inside the machine? —The Armor Embrace

• When an alien with godly intelligence is discovered watching the earth, one man must try to learn if its motives are pure. —Envoy in the Ice

• If you were stranded in an open boat and the only hope for rescue came from a ghost ship, would dare to ride? —The Devil’s Rescue

• Some gifts come with heavy price tags, and the giver must rise to the occasion. —Tears for Shu¨lna

• What if an alien asks for your help with a question, and the answer affects the future of the whole human race? —The Drake Equation

• Barlow has a talent for finding the dead. Or do they find him? —Acquisition

• When Varga sets out to explore the ancient stronghold of a long- dead wizard, she discovers that the ruins aren’t as deserted as she thought. —Obsidian Spire

• If only that reptile in the sewer were something as predictable as an alligator. —Gator

• On a distant world among the cloud peaks, the light-hawks promise a rich reward for those daring enough to harvest one. —A Glowing Heart

• In a world where memories can be stripped, Bill discovers that he has a family he has never known. —The Long Dizzy Down

• Not all spirits have the best of intentions, and they must be dealt with. —The Woodcutters’ Deity

• You can put an end to something wondrous, but only at a cost. —The Dragon Killer’s Daughter

• In a life-or-death situation, sometimes you wish that you had a really powerful spell. But that begs the question—what is power? —Useless Magic

• Some devils are as old as a dream, and more evil than men can imagine. —Adramelech

• When the world needs saving, three children are called to the task. —The Fox, the Wolf, and the Dove

• Can an aging sorcerer find a way to track down his old nemesis with the small bit of magic he has left, or is he just fooling himself? —The Magnificent Bhajan

Read them here—and enjoy!


Where to begin? Right. Let’s get this out of the way first: the writers who contributed to this anthology (or were the lucky few picked by even greater writers) are all well-established wordsmiths in their own respective genres and gradually making waves in the writing industry – you don’t need to look that far ahead to start seeing their works lining the digital shelves of Amazon or your local bookstore.

Then again, with stories about a space murder mystery, a tragic yet oddly touching selkie love story, a man with his consciousness locked into a mech, and a dying person being granted the rare insight into a whole new alien civilization she first dismissed as the delusions of her oxygen-deprived mind, these are all stories with plenty of potential busting free from the minds of creative folks who get it right to think out the box. Besides, the element of magic in science fiction stories is quickly becoming a necessary building block for any compelling story as readers practically starve for their favorite authors (or any authors) to push the boundaries and tantalize their minds with something different and exciting.

You’ll find that, bad-ass characters, epic plots, and expansive imaginations in this latest addition of Hubbard’s Writers of the Future collection.

It’s not just the stories that solidify their positions in this anthology, but also the accompanying art from artists who have worked in the industry for ages – and I’m not only talking about the publishing agency. Try thinking along the lines of big screen concept art. Aw yeah!

From making contact with a globular-like ET in the Antarctic, not to mention strong tributes to William C. Dietz, all the way to a dying sailor bargaining for his life in a dangerous game of dice with the devil, you won’t be remiss about seeing what the future of these potential heavyweights have in store for speculative fiction as it stands today.

Writers of the Future Contest Page








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