Harley Goes To Space


Imagine taking Harley Quinn and throwing her in space, add that her Harlequins are cybernetically busted up dormant prisoners, and add some political intrigue just to mentally piss her off.

This is Miska, the protagonist. The bloodthirsty pixie obviously tries too hard to appear batshit crazy and not only does she have poor taste in men (the convicts aboard her ship), but she also tries too hard to impress daddy. It seems as if Mark Lawrence’s Jorg Ancrath had some strong influences in the shaping of Miska, because those of you who had the bliss of reading what that little shit gets up to will know that everything he does or says are applicable and, to the character, natural. 

I can’t tell you how the novel ended because I honestly can’t appreciate a book when I’m constantly despising the character for her lackluster motivations (proving herself a badass in front of the prisoners isn’t a good enough reason) and shitty one-word phrases.

If you want to know how you should come to like a character with twisted morals and general villainy, I suggest having a look at Mark Lawrence’s Broken Empire Trilogy, Joe Abercrombie’s The Blade Itself series, or Brom’s The Child Thief, for a start.


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