Review: Skyeater Rewake


The novel contains pieces of a superhero story – just a story. Meet Cole: fitness nut from LA who gets into a car crash after doping out on a massive overdose of pills and, to his utter surprise, doesn’t die. At first it’s rather an unwelcome revelation for our ‘hero’. Not only does Cole wake up from his fatal consumption of pharmaceuticals, he’s got powers and it’s apparent something else had a hand in denying him his sought-after demise.

So, Cole’s personal desire for a normal life void of strange events and superpowers notwithstanding, the man has the burden of saving the world pushed upon him as his shoulders sag with this new responsibility. The stars are disappearing and Cole seeks an answer to the origins of his newfound abilities – until humanoid aliens descend from space to wreak havoc, hell, and death upon the planet earth.

It turns out that the aliens are participants in a ploy to end all of humanity as the space invaders face off against gods with earth as the prize and the extinction of the human race a consequence should Cole fail in his mission.

Now then…

Overall this was difficult to read. There isn’t much in the way of supporting characters adding any layers to the story to give it that something extra to reward the reader for struggling through a halting narrative containing redundant swear words, plot holes, continuity issues, or to make up for the evident lack of proofreading or editing. The characters themselves are bland and uninteresting, making it impossible to feel sympathy towards them or to find one that was likeable. Also, there are places where the writing feels rushed as if the author wrote it in a single sitting and didn’t consider re-reading his work.

(Disclaimer: I received a copy of this novel from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.)


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