Move over Lara, Vin’s here.

Mix crazy parkour stunts with magic and you get Brandon Sanderson’s “Mistborn” trilogy.

It began with a little girl being abused by her older brother, scurrying like rats from alleyway to alleyway in search of meager scraps of food, to constantly cowering in fear whilst in the presence of a scheming gang lord, to eventually becoming the strongest fighter in the world and overthrowing an empire.




Yeah you read that right. In Brandon Sanderson’s bestselling epic fantasy ‘Mistborn’ trilogy things keep getting better, bigger, and oh-so-amazing. The first novel in the series ‘The Final Empire’ brings into focus how badly oppressed the inhabitants of Scadrial are; their world is covered in ash, the Lord Ruler is a smirking douchebag, and whenever the mists outside start rising at night anyone foolish enough to venture among it somehow ends up dead.

So with everyone – the nobility included – having a healthy sense to fear the mists there is one single individual, scarred, witty, and clever, who defies common sense and struts about in the killer mist, constantly daring it to bring an end to his own life. This daring character has a name, of course; they call him the Survivor of Hathsin (a place where any who pissed off the Lord Ruler are sent to gather a rare mineral for him for the remainder of their lives), but he is Kelsier, a natural instigator. With the help of his former thieving crewmates Kelsier devises a plan to overthrow the Lord Ruler which eventually comes to fruition.

After that it’s up to Elend Venture to rule the city, dodging dangerous political manoeuvres thrust upon him by his enemies on and off the battlefield. With rumors spreading near and far about a wealthy cache hidden in Luthadel – the Lord Ruler’s seat of power – it’s up to Vin to take over the mantle Kelsier had left her and become Mistborn; an individual who has control over all of the metals and, by tapping into these reserves, are capable of astounding deeds such as Pushing a group of people away from them, withstanding incredible amounts of fatigue with enhanced stamina and endurance, and vaulting high into the air among others. With ‘The Well of Ascension’ (the second novel in the trilogy), we get to see once more why Sanderson is so good at what he does; bit by bit Vin grows in her confidence and prowess, but not only that, Elend Venture, the man she loves, becomes more and more accustomed to his role as the new emperor of Scadrial. Of course nothing it ever as simple as they appear. With the advice and guidance from a headstrong Terriswoman, Elend has to face his fears and embrace all the doubts constantly hindering him.

The last and final installment in the series, The Hero of Ages, we witness the epic conclusion to a mind-blowing trilogy that constantly keeps you on edge and wondering what will happen next. I can promise you this; the superhero landings that take place here keep giving you chills.

All in all, this trilogy has the perfect bit of everything; shape-shifting creatures with unorthodox lifespans, zombie-like abominations with flabby skin and immeasurable strength, and more.

Watch this space!

I’ll be reviewing some of Sanderson’s additional novels and tie-ins in a new post. 


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