Short stories for short lives

I’m absolutely nuts about superheroes and when I stumbled upon Lou Anders’ Masked anthology of short stories about these super-powered beings, I just couldn’t resist slogging through it as slow as possible while savoring every fight scene.





With each story bringing a refreshing new perspective on what it’s like to be considered a super hero, Masked gives you an insight into the daily challenges and mind-sets of these individuals. We all know superheroes and villains are normal everyday individuals gifted with remarkable powers or abilities. However, we often overlook their mortality and perceive them as gods – we remember their past if they’re responsible for some astounding deed and gradually forget their haunting or even twisted childhood.

The contributions in this anthology delve into the various reasons why superheroes and supervillains are needed, as well as giving unique insights as to how heroes became what they are and what decisions led those other unfortunate beings to become villains. Within this anthology we see how certain individuals are forced to become heroes whilst others are torn between both alliances, fighting a constant battle of indecision. Some wield extraordinary powers with ease whilst others are resorted to tapping into hidden archives we dare not exploit…

Badass, kickass, and quite refreshing. I urge you to go get yourself a copy, the action scenes are worth it!



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