A Ravensmoot Anthology

‘And so, Fox jumped over the moon…’

Let me introduce to you, by taking all the pleasure in the world, something completely different and new to the South African fiction writing scene. Yeah, I’ve said it – something new (yay!). Put down your latest copy of Manhattan In Reverse by Peter F. Hamilton, give George R. R. Martin’s Dreamsongs a break, let slide Clive Barker’s gritty blood, guts, and galore feast of skin-tingling stories and let your gaze linger on . . . “Ravensmoot: An Anthology of Speculative Fiction”.
(See? I even got you a picture!)
A little background might be adequate; Fox & Raven is an upstart indie publishing house located in Cape Town, South Africa. If you go onto their page (www.foxandraven.co.za) immediately you’ll find one of my favourite things; an uncanny and humorous introductory page splattered with wit. Now, I said that this is a South African publication. There are a few submissions in this anthology of which the contributors are foreigners (British, American, and Ugandan). Don’t let this hinder you, however, for lying dormant in the pages of this new anthology lies a treat not to be missed by any book-lover.
You keen to know what the SplatterGeist thinks about this?
Very well then, cublets, keep reading…
For starters, if you’re looking for character development don’t bother here – instead you should berate yourself for not making this discovery sooner. The variety of the stories included in Ravensmoot fill enough boundaries and expectations (plot, context, etc.) to satisfy some of you critics (I’m one myself).With an introduction by Charlie Human (author of Apocalypse Now Now) the anthology sets off with a skin-crawling novelette called Passing Visions (written by Martin John Stokes) which creates the opening stage for tales you really don’t want to miss out on – seriously, you don’t want to miss this. (If you miss this Pennywise the Clown might gurgle “We all float down here” tonight in your bathroom sink while you’re brushing your teeth. Yes. Be afraid.)

As I was saying (typing, actually), the first entry sets the stage for what is to come as you progress through a series of original and respectable works of fiction each as original and thought-provoking as the last. From a classic thriller to a secret order of assassins, from demonic nightmares that come to life and prowl in the dark, to dream-punk and everything else in between.

If you’re itching to read something new and interesting or whether you’re in the mood to add a few names to your favourite list of authors, then do yourself a favour and give Fox & Raven’s Ravensmoot a chance – even if you just skim through it, you’re bound to find an experience worth your time.


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