The King of Thorns has Arrived.

Four years after the events in Prince of Thorns, Mark Lawrence’s sinister anti-hero Honorous Jorg Ancrath returns with a whole host of new tricks up his sleeves – and his sleeves run deep. In King of Thorns – the second book of his Broken Empire trilogy – we experience new thrills and fears as Jorg tests his wits and newfound powers against zombies, soldiers, and, perhaps more dangerous of all, himself. Every day that passes Jorg constantly defines the man he would one day become as we witness him being empathetic towards an unknown woman’s dying daughter and recognizes his errors with the beautiful Katherine Ap Scorron.

Mark Lawrence has successfully created a realistic villain who struggles with his morals, questions his actions, and faces his consequences while finding his own path between the black and white layers of what is right and wrong with a society easily similar to our own.

When a new enemy arrives in the form of the Prince of Arrow, his army amassed at Jorg’s gates and ready for war, the new king of the Highlands travels across the sea to enlist the aid of a people he is most anxious of; his family. Duelling a sword-master and foiling a possible massacre, Jorg returns to his castle with dark secrets, uncomfortable rumours (especially those about a force only known as the Dead King), and a new bride – yes, little Jorgy is a man now! Along the way new threats are dealt with and schemes are hatched as Jorg strives to remain one step ahead of his enemies – and his enemies are many.

King of Thorns introduces a tough Jorg who fights tougher enemies, faces unexpected surprises around every corner – and street, stumbles upon yet another new and interesting discovery or two, finds himself in the midst of some excellent swordsmanship and brutal acts of violence, and finally leaves us with a killer ending. Its jaw-dropping, its pulse-pounding, it’s the King of Thorns and enemies better beware – the king is out for blood and he’s thirsty as hell!


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