The Stars Are Legion

Hurley is one of those rare writers who, once you’ve encountered a novel they’ve written, you immediately want to go out and read everything they’ve written. Somewhere on the outer rim of the universe, a mass of decaying world-ships known as the Legion is traveling in the seams between the stars. For generations, a war … Continue reading The Stars Are Legion

Harley Goes To Space

Imagine taking Harley Quinn and throwing her in space, add that her Harlequins are cybernetically busted up dormant prisoners, and add some political intrigue just to mentally piss her off. This is Miska, the protagonist. The bloodthirsty pixie obviously tries too hard to appear batshit crazy and not only does she have poor taste in men … Continue reading Harley Goes To Space

Remember the Bullets

Reynolds takes the same concept used in the movie Passengers and adds a little twist: when you’re done reading Slow Bullets you actually understood what went down and, just as an added bonus, walk away with a satisfied smile. Slow Bullets is a short novella that opens with the lights turned off and soldiers from … Continue reading Remember the Bullets

Let’s Get Witchy

Grab any science fiction book and you'll see they all have the exact same thing in common: the plots and devices of the stories are all predictable and never stray out of bounds. They hardly even push the envelope and, with great joy, I'm glad the author never got that memo. Here's why: Wells adds … Continue reading Let’s Get Witchy

Oh the green, green shaft of an arrow.

“Dinah lost faith in me. Everyone’s gone. Emi, Broderick, Henry…even Oliver Queen. Who’s left to believe in?” “No one but Green Arrow.”   NOTE: This review covers Green Arrow issues #1-#5 and can be purchased in a trade paperback under the name: Green Arrow vol. 1 - The Death and Life of Oliver Queen (Rebirth) … Continue reading Oh the green, green shaft of an arrow.

There’s only room for one ultimate ascension!

Henry Kyllo is a member of a secret society called the Inferne Cutis. A Runner whose goal is to achieve full-body lead content. He is chased through the city every day by Hunters whose goal is to shoot the Runners — with the threat to both sides that if they do not participate, through a … Continue reading There’s only room for one ultimate ascension!

Review: Skyeater Rewake

The novel contains pieces of a superhero story - just a story. Meet Cole: fitness nut from LA who gets into a car crash after doping out on a massive overdose of pills and, to his utter surprise, doesn't die. At first it's rather an unwelcome revelation for our 'hero'. Not only does Cole wake … Continue reading Review: Skyeater Rewake